Jul 25

How to Achieve Accurate Revenue Forecasting

In planning for the future, the past is quite often your best friend. In the business world, things tend to be pretty cyclical. Use your CRM to gain a full overview of not only your current sales pipeline, but also the pipeline of the past; there are valuable insights to be gleaned.

– Make the Most of Your CRM

Do you have a CRM in place? Are you using it to its full potential, gaining total insight into company history, data, processes and more? A CRM is a crucial intersection into your business, giving you full access to the way in which all company departments are performing. How can you accurately forecast future revenue if you are incapable of finding out how much profit you’re currently making and have done for the past few years?

If you have chosen a user friendly CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, all the information you will need should be obvious to you, increasing your pipeline visibility.

– Train Your Team

The best way to get the most out of your CRM is to make sure that all your staff are well trained in using it. Firstly, get to know the ‘quick win’ functions within your company’s CRM. Take part in some general all-round training then advance this knowledge with further training, specifically honed into the financial elements of the system. Knowing your way around the CRM means that you’re only ever a few clicks away from visibility of your company’s financial information.

– Think Long Term, Act Short Term

The key to all revenue forecasting is to think long term; there is very little point in forecasting for the following week. It doesn’t provide enough useful information for your business to develop. Having said that, in all likelihood, the forecast you lay out for the next 6, 12 or 24 months won’t

Jul 24

Ebay Business Plan Tips For Writing A Successful Business Plan

Writing a business plan is important for every business. It is the key to the business, identifying what you want to do, what you predict your profits to be and sorting out your customer service.

You may think that if you are writing a business plan for your eBay business that you will have to write something quite different.

However, an eBay business plan is really very much the same, if not a little simpler. For example your eBay business plan, like any business plan should include information on product selection, inventory management, and purchasing, pricing, order processing and customer service.

Product selection will be pretty much the same as with any other business except that eBay does not allow few products, this is not likely to limit your choice too much.

Inventory management can be done with software as it would be done in any other business but you could use eBay’s specially designed software if you wish to.

Purchasing will be the same as with any other business.

Pricing may be slightly different as you have the option with eBay to auction items as well as selling them at a fixed price.

If you auction items then you will not be able to determine the prices but you may be able to predict them and you can certainly calculate what your minimum selling price will be as this will be your starting price for your auction.

Order processing and fulfilment should be quite simple. You will need to comply with eBay’s guidelines as to timescales but as with any other business you will want to ship items as soon as you can.

Customer service is probably the last main area that you will need to include in your business plan

Jul 23

Getting More Clients Can Be Easy

Many small business owners I work with believe that it’s difficult to get more clients. Surveys indicate that 85% of success in life relates to your communication, human relations skills, and “emotional intelligence”. So how can you improve your communication, and skills in a way that will attract more business?

Joe Batten, an American motivational speaker said: “Before you tell, ask; before you talk, listen; after you listen, relate; and always show that you care. When you can translate care, people will want to do business with you and details will not get in the way.”

From a business standpoint, you also have to build relationships and get clients to know, like and trust you. To do that you have to:

1. Be Reliable

Do what you say you’re going to do.

Do it when you say you’re going to do it.

Do it right the first time.

Get it done on time.

Communicate before the deadline if it’s not going to be done on time.

Under promise and over deliver.

2. Be Responsive

Be available

Be accessible

Be willing

Be helpful

Be informative

3. Solve problems

Solve a client’s unique problems and they will continue to be your loyal client. Put yourself in the client’s shoes and feel what they feel.

Does this mean that all your marketing and advertising needs to be “touchy feely”? No. You can still create calls to action that increase sales while still observing all these principles.

For example:

Offer a trial period

Trial periods are a great way to get new clients. Offer a special deal, extra service or a lower price during the trial/introductory period.

Offer a Guarantee

People want to know there’s no risk involved if they’re not satisfied with the product/service. Let new customers know they can cancel for any reason before the trial period ends.

Offer free extras

Buy X and receive Y. This works with a whole range of products and services. Be

Jul 23

The Importance Of Business Intelligence Reporting

Business intelligence or BI usually concerned with computer based methods employed in recognizing, extorting, and exploring business records. BI resolutions are a cycle of methodologies, requests, practices and techniques that assist in interpreting records into valuable and significant information. This information is additionally utilized to achieve effective and intelligent insight into the courses and in that way help in making well-versed conclusions. Business Intelligence software incorporates tools like content analytic, data warehousing, data quality, data integration, etc.

Accountability of speed and elasticity to Reporting on Business Intelligence

To improve competitiveness in the market, reporting plays a significant role in utilizing the business data properly in order in each business intelligence solution. Many organizations are in grim need of dedicated BI application like data mining technology that allows customers to influence the data or rapidly search clarifications to the requests.

With many venture business intelligence, accounting is only problem free when the definite records gratify what is desirable. Though, when one have queries that are beyond what the definite records can handle one have to arrange the data again, reorder the details and create a new record by amalgamating the data from the other records to be able to come up with a rough and ready worksheet. For organizations that want to move quickly, these limitations in BI accounting are unbearable.

Instructing information all over the diligence through interactive and visual accounting

This logical BI application has been valuable to the majority of engineers, examiners and other information employees in nearly thousand corporations around the world. It has incorporated an important role in gaining quicker pace in marketplace, resolving industrial problems quicker, and improving performance in sales and marketing. Such is the extremely cutthroat business surroundings where judgments must be prepared swiftly and with assurance and this aim is attained

Jul 21

Hire SEO experts to keep your business alive in competitive web arena

There is no worth of having such online presence, which is not able to attract its potential business audiences that generate profits. This is the right time to consult or hire SEO experts for your website to nurture and leverage it to reach to its desired goals. The major role of SEO professionals is to fortify your online presence with their effective SEO strategies and attain your brand recognition, which was lost somewhere in the cutthroat race of global/ local competition. Search engine optimization is considered the most essential factor in boosting the online presence that benefits for longer time period.

The SEO professionals implement appropriate SEO tactics and strategies to bring your website on top search engine ranking letting web users connect to you easily with organic results. No matter, whether you are launching a new business website or you have already an existing business presence, your business needs to be visible before your potential customers and if it fails to do so. certainly your business will going to die soon if you do not take measurable steps to enhance it.

Hire SEO experts in order to let your business breathe prolifically in the respective competitive arena. The SEO professional will take care of your website by implementing the essential steps to upgrade your online presence. The precisely implemented SEO strategies will help your business to generate quality traffic that tends increase website leads and sales. If you wonder why to hire SEO professional for you online business, then certainly the following reasons will clear all doubts.

Having professional guidance becomes essential to stay ahead in the business competition. The SEO professional will firstly analyze your website and focus on targeting your actual audience. when you hire SEO experts for your business project then ensure that he/ she possesses

Jul 20

Hurdles To Small Business Startup Success

With cut throat competition in almost every field, starting small business is also not free from challenges. Initially you may have to face many challenges and hurdles to start a business venture but if dealt wisely along with precautionary measures, the entrepreneur can yield maximum profits.

Challenges of small business startups:

The common challenges faced by startups are listed below:

Creating brand name: The biggest challenge that a small business startup faces is of creating a brand name. The business venture is altogether new and it takes time to build trust among the masses.

Sufficient funds: The major challenge in front of small business startups is of funds. The business requires investors that can support the business venture. Also the business owners need to have some money kept aside to be used during the emergencies.

Marketing: Marketing needs lot of funds and strategy. A small business promoted well yields maximum benefits than one who fails to advertise their products or services in the market. With the scarcity of finances, the startups have to bank upon network marketing and on the advertising done through word-of-mouth to save marketing costs.

Management: As the small business startups are initiated by single person, it may lack in managerial skill, which is required to run the business. Though the small business entrepreneurs may have sound technical knowledge but he may not be successful in marketing. His not so experienced background can also hamper the business.

Quality: Due to restricted resources and inadequate expertise, the quality of services or products provided by starting small business startups are not up to the mark and may not maintain the standards of the industry.

Apart from these challenges, not staying focused on your startups can invite problems to the small business entrepreneurs.

Jul 20

Set Up An On-line Perfume Retail Business – Salehoo Dropshippers Sell Perfumes At Discount Costs

The business of selling fragrance could be a highly lucrative venture to have interaction in. If you would like to achieve success in your online retail business, then do business with a dropshipping company that enables you to amass goods at lower wholesale prices.
The character of dropshipping involves you as the retailer who will receive the payment of the customer, and then your next task is to contact the perfume dropshipper to notify them of the orders. It is the now the dropshipper who can package, ship and delivers the ordered product to your customers’ doorsteps.
Many dropshippers can be found within the web. However how will you distinguish between a scammer a highly reliable one? The SaleHoo database is an on-line directory of manufacturers, wholesale suppliers and dropshippers that are considered the most effective in their fields of specialization. SaleHoo saves you the time and effort in trying and scouting for reputable dropshippers that you can do business with as a result of they make it their responsibility to scrutinize every company and verify their capacity and reliability. All you would like is to judge each company based on the figures that are present within the SaleHoo database and you’ll be able to currently create the simplest decision on what company to deal with.
There will be times when it is troublesome to acquire supply of bound in demand perfumes in stores. But when you cope with a highly efficient dropshipper, you’ll be able to easily get these perfumes and sell them online as a result of these dropshippers often have direct contacts together with your manufacturers of perfumes.
When you have smart dropshipper your only role here as the retailer is to identify the target market, advertise your wares, and rake in sales.

Jul 18

Debt Collections Strategies Every Business Should Know

Even in the most popular business industries, at one time or another many people find themselves dealing with delinquent accounts and searching for successful debt collection strategies. Time is truly of the essence when it comes to dealing with these types of late accounts. Statistics show that the longer the amount of time that the account has been unresolved, the less likely you are to receive any payments. Using proper tactics can be crucial when it comes to collecting those unpaid debts.

Strategies That Work

Although there are many different ways to approach debt collection, not all strategies will be successful. In order to resolve the most delinquent accounts, it is advised that you take the following things into consideration when determining which tactics are best for your business.

1. Altering payment terms are a great way to convince debtors that you are willing to work with them. If the total balance due was $500.00 for example, five payments of $100.00 each may be much less daunting than paying the total amount in one payment. By accepting smaller payments, you are showing the debtor that you are considerate of their current financial situation and understand that they are concerned about making payments when possible.

2. Maintaining open lines of communication with the debtor can make a world of difference in the world of debt collection. Talking to a live person about past due balances can seem very overwhelming to some, whereas receiving a short and gentle reminder by SMS, email or automated voice message may give the debtor a gentle push in the right direction.

3. For clients who are difficult to contact or express their intentions to ignore the debt, it may become more cost-effective to simply hire a debt collection company to track down and obtain the monies

Jul 18

The Advantages Of Double-sided Business Cards

So many graphic designers carry double-sided business cards (otherwise known as duplex cards), that one may wonder why. There is a reason that graphic designers, photographers and web designers select duplex cards. Double-sided business cards are a great way to display your logo or a creative element, such as a photo or graphic, without diminishing the focus on your contact information or name. Double-sided cards also are just more eye catching. However, if your small business is trying to reduce expenses or you have no one in-house with design or printing experience, trying to make your own business cards might be difficult. The two primary reasons some organizations avoid double-sided business cards are difficulty in development and the loss of a writing surface.

In the past, every business card was printed on plain white card stock with simple personal details displayed on one side, and nothing on the other. This made writing a brief note on the backs of those cards easy, but these boring cards were also the first to be discarded when the person possessing them cleaned out their wallet.

The clear benefits to printing duplex cards are extra design features and more space to put important and unique company information. Full color business cards printed on both sides are common in todays world of business. A memorable photo that symbolizes a companys standard or value proposition printed on one side of the card with the employee/employer contact information included on the other helps clients to remember who the card belonged to and why it was given.

Trying to create your own business card is difficult for those who are not professional designers or printers. Luckily, many online business card sites provide easy-to-use templates for whatever style of card you choose, so you can make your own business

Jul 13

Sap Business One Data Import Items And Prices Overview For Consultant

Advanced techniques in SAP BO Data Transfer Workbench integration scenarios. This method allows you to establish ongoing integration from such systems as Microsoft CRM, Oracle custom database, Lotus Notes Domino, etc.
If you are SB1 consultant, you probably know how to import data by filling Excel templates for such objects as Item, Price, Warehouse QTY. This is very popular method, however try to do more complex integration logic: you need to discontinue old items and replace them with new items, where you need to take the price from old item and associate it with the new replacement. Something like this is definitely possible in Excel, if you are able to program Excel Database connection and query. Well, try something more complex when you have variable item classes and for each class price update has unique formulae. In this small publication we do not agitate you to purchase additional third party tools, such as iBolt or do SAP Business One SDK integration programming we will be explaining how to do complex data import in SAP Business One Workbench

1.ODBC source. ODBC is a way more flexible, comparing to Excel template based CSV files. If you choose ODBC connection you can create SQL View as the base and this SQL view in turn could be of heterogeneous nature (pulling data from Microsoft SQL Server 2000, Oracle, Pervasive SQL, Ctree, Microsoft Access database, tab delimited text file to give you the idea)

2.SQL DTS Package method. Assuming that we are taking ODBC route you can decide to mark records, already integrated by update script, which could be part of MS SQL Server DTS package

3.SB1 2007A Data Transfer Workbench limitations. Please, note that currently SAP doesnt support batch file and data integration scheduling, however if you are using CSV files batch file

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